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iwtech FC 300 400 CivBuild Jan18

iwtech FC 300 400 CivBuild Jan18
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13. 03. 2018

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foam concrete:from the laboratory to the building

We are Slovak company specialized in manufacturing of technical foam and development of
manufacturing procedures for industrial production of foam concrete.
This presentation contains available data about developed foam concretes, their
manufacturing and verified uses.
There is also an available generator for manufacturing of test bodies with aguaranteed
repeatability of test mixtures with volume up to 50 l of fresh mixture.
The foam concretes are manufactured using the generators of GFS/M 8 and progressively
implemented in network of CEMEX Companies
Further details available upon your request.
iwtech s.r.o.

K výstavisku 15

912 50 Trenčín, Slovakia

FoamconcreteFC 300 -400 kg/m3

forfloorsin theapartmentand office

"foamconcreteas concrete"


Production plant
Mixingplant:sameas for concrete production, before production of cement groutmixingcenter
mustbe cleanedfromresiduesof the previous concreteproduction
Truck Mixer: thesame as for concrete transport, before production of cement groutmixingdrum
mustbe cleanedfromresiduesof the previous concrete production
Generators: GFS 8 –stable, forindustrialproductionFC, without the chassis, see DS 102
GFM 8 –mobile–fortransport in public roads,forindustrialproductionFC,see DS 101
GFS LabE–formanufacturing of test bodies, seeDS 105
Pump:Screwtype, forinstanceEstrichBoy FHS 200
pistontype, for instance Putzmeister P 715


FC 300 –900: in the concrete plant

filling of the drum by technical foam and cement grout, homogenization of fresh mixture during the

transport, screw or piston pump on site


Raw materials for foam concrete (FC) production
Cement:for FC production of 300 –900 kg/m3according to the iwtech production all available
cement classes may be used, verification of compatibility of cement with used
technicalfoam (TF) must be provided prior the use, depending on the achievable

Components:finely ground slag (GGBS), finely ground limestone
Agregates:fractions0/2 or 0/4 mm, mined type is more suitable
Water:clean, without chemical additions residues from concrete production
Tech. foam:made in GFS/M 8 of FC1 concentrate and added to the drum with identified quantity,
otherfoaming concentrates must be verified in relation with their function in all
productioncycle: mixing + transport + pumping + hardening


FC 300 –900: qualitycontrolon thebuilding


FC 300 -400: coveringof pipes


FC 300 -400: pouringand levellingof FC


FC 300 -400: insulationof steppingnoise


FC 300 -400: alsoforhighbuildings

Designation, location:

Panorama, Bratislava, Slovensko
Type, floorarea, height:
2 towers, appartments≈ 36 000 m2, 110 m -33 floors

55 –65 mm

Foamconcreteproduction/ distancefromthe

mixingplantCEMEX CZ, Břeclav / 85 km

december 2014 –july2015


iwtech FC 300 400 CivBuild Jan18

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